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What is Funded Trading?

Funded trading is a financial arrangement where traders are given access to capital to trade in the financial markets. Instead of using their own money, traders use the funds provided to them to make trades and share the profits with the funding provider. This arrangement provides an opportunity for traders to profit from the markets without risking their personal capital.

Additionally, funded trading programs often come with educational resources, risk management tools, and a community of traders which can be invaluable for both novice and experienced traders. It's a win-win scenario where the funding provider shares in the profits made by the trader, creating a conducive environment for the trader to thrive.

Why Choose Apex Trader Funding?

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Trade Multiple Accounts and Limit Your Risk

With Apex Trader Funding, you have the opportunity to trade up to 20 accounts. Managing multiple accounts can significantly benefit your trading strategy. Here's how:

With the capability to manage up to 20 accounts, Apex Trader Funding offers a flexible and conducive environment for both novice and seasoned traders to thrive, manage risk, and enhance profitability.

Why Apex is the Best Choice for Funded Trading

Apex Trader Funding stands out in the crowded funded trading space due to its transparent and trader-friendly policies. The straightforward evaluation process, competitive profit-sharing structure, and the support provided to traders are unparalleled. The various account plans cater to different trading styles and risk appetites, making it a flexible option for many traders.

Moreover, the opportunity to earn a refund on the evaluation fee upon reaching the first profit target, along with the option to retry or switch account plans if the evaluation is not passed, showcases Apex's commitment to nurturing and supporting aspiring traders. Their focus on proper risk management and providing a platform for traders to grow and succeed makes Apex Trader Funding a top choice for funded trading.